Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too Excited to Sleep

Route planned - check
Return plane tickets purchased - check
Family stops confirmed - check
Staying up till 2am looking at for cool stuff to see - check

The countdown has begun! In one week Ann and I will be packing up her roommate's sister's car (got that?) and heading for Annapolis Maryland to deliver it and visit Ann's mom & stepdad! Stops along the way include Salt Lake (Ann's dad's), Lincoln Nebraska (approximately), South Bend Indiana, a day trip to Cleveland for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Columbus Ohio (Aunt Pookie's). But of course, there HAS to be things to see in between. We will need to stretch our legs at some point, right? is an entirely too entertaining and completely random website. It should be used as a major resource for any roadtrip adventure. How else would you find the world's largest wooden nickel, the gravesite of Devine, the Star Wars toy museum, every smiley face water tower, and giant chickens, cows, cups of coffee, cans of soup, and balls of paint? I wouldn't say our route has the most interesting stuff, but we'll keep ourselves entertained. Expect lots of goofy pictures and subsequent posts on my "List"!