Saturday, June 21, 2008


I am having the best week ever for weather. I've had constant sun every day since Tuesday!!! Love it! Monterey hit 82 on Friday and it was so wonderful. Denise shut the office down early and we all got to leave at 3. After doing some errands and chores for 2 hours, I decided it was lame to waste such a gorgeous day and night, so I got together with some of my coworkers. My boss Josh just put in a nice patio with a big fire pit, so some of us got together for mojitos and tritip. It was so nice to sit outside in shorts and a tank top and just shoot the shit with them! I miss having my friends around and I REALLY miss warm nights! Anyhow, that led to most of us going downtown to the Duck and later back to Matt and Molly's house to hang out some more. Good times! I finally called myself and some others a cab at 4 and got home by 4:30 and just crashed because I had to be up at 7:30 to get ready for the wedding today because we were leaving at 9!!!! So, I'm working on 3 hours of sleep last night and I'm about ready to go out. Merry and I had quite an adventure today, but I think I will leave that for a complete recap of the weekend on another night, since I'm getting tired of typing. Anyhow it's in the 80's tonight, Merry is sleeping out in the RV, and I've got all the windows open in the house, so I'm going to go watch some TV and head off to bed! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Workin' in Truckee

So I just got back from Truckee. And when I say just, I mean 45 minutes ago I walked in my door, put on my PJ's, plopped down on my couch, turned on the TV, and cracked open my computer. (really lets not talk about the addiction) Anyhow, I drove up last night with my boss because we had a meeting at 9:00 this morning. We're working on a wetlands project, doing some delineating and a restoration plan. It's all fun stuff for us. And it's beautiful up there! Such a pretty place to work. This was our second trip up there and both times have been really quick...up one day and back the next. And the long drives make us a little loopy. There was about 20 minutes tonight where I was laughing uncontrollably. And my boss didn't help at all 'cause he's hilarious when he's going nuts. But we're hoping to go back up sometime soon and do some plant work and stay a little longer.

Almost all the plants up there are new to us, so it's not quite as easy and walking around and making a list of plants like we do here. But that's the fun part! Today we took a bunch of plant samples that we will key in the office, but I also took some pictures. I'm kinda bummed because all of the pictures of an awesome lily we found are blurry. Grrr. Hopefully some will still be blooming next time! But here's just a few of the shots I took today. Enjoy! I'm going to go take care of my sunburn and go to bed!

The wet meadow at our site

Delphiniums (My Favorite!)
(Can't remember what this is)
Some kind of mint

Phacelia sp.

Some kind of Carex

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mount Madonna June 6-8 2008

We finally managed to do it...A family camping trip! And Nick's very first! He was so excited to go and talked about nothing else for 2 weeks before. Mom, Dad, Beth, and Nick went up early on Thursday in the "bus" and Brother and I came in on Friday after work (which took me FOREVER to get away from). We all had so much fun watching Nick run around and explore. Check out my brother and sister-in-law's blogs for more pictures (especially Beth's for some HILARIOUS videos), but here's what I have to share.

Nick playing in the dirt with his new shovels

Playing with (aka torturing) his "little green bug"

"Aunt Jami, can I drive your truck?"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Important Issue of June 15, 2008: I need a boyfriend

Now there are several reasons why this is true. But we're talking about the Important issue of TODAY. And that issue is the fact that I can't get the hose attachment off of my sink so I can put the aerator back on and I need a strong muscular boy to do it for me. Now I'm not usually one to day I need a man to do something, but dammit it's STUCK! Which all leads to the second important issue of today: who builds an apartment building that has yards but doesn't put a faucet outside? I mean really! It's so obnoxious! Anyhow, I suppose I will have to continue to fiddle with it or wait till Dad comes to visit. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for a boyfriend for me!

Delphiniums in my yard

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everyone is coming to visit!

I'm so excited for the next few upcoming weekends! All my favorite people are coming to visit!

Next weekend starts off by going to a wedding in Concord with my friend Merry. I don't know the people, but Merry asked if I wanted to be her "date" so I said what the hell, why not? I guess it's supposed to be and all eco-friendly, recyclable wedding or something like that...basically a hippie wedding! I told Merry "Great! I won't have to shave my legs!" (just kidding). Then we're staying at Mom & Dad's house and will hopefully hook up with Katie & Patrick before we leave. Should be a very interesting weekend.

The following weekend Mom is coming to visit. She might bring Dad too. And I'm going to put them to work! I want to clean up my yard and plant some new plants and do some other household projects before the events of the next two weekends. I might let them get out and go to the beach for a while, but we'll see! And of course, it's always good eats when the 'rents come to town!

Next up is 4th of July weekend and Katie and Patrick are coming again! Probably Kelly too. The 4th is a Friday this year, so they'll get to spend 3 days with me! Last time they spent 4th of July with me it was a ton of trouble, but so much fun! I think a round of Scooby Snacks are in order! I'm thinking we'll spend most of the day at the beach. Take a picnic and stake out a good spot for the fireworks. Last year was my first year of actually being in town for the holiday, but I spent it at a BBQ at Gemma's house. So this year I'm looking forward to partaking in the local activities!

Scooby Snacks on our last 4th of July together

And to top it all off Monica, Ann, and Amber are coming up for Monica's birthday! It's going to be one big slumber party as always. (Ann, make me some pancakes!) On Saturday I'll be hosting Monica's birthday BBQ. And everyone is invited. It will be cozy, but hopefully the weather will be nice and we can use the yard. I'm so excited to be playing hostess. I haven't had a party since I moved in and I miss it! Other than that, I know we're just going to laugh till we drop!

The last time we were all together (Ventura 2006)

So now I better get back to cleaning up my house. I just bought a new bed, so I need to put that together. And I'm taking volunteers for mopping my floors and cleaning my bathroom... If you know anyone who wants to buy a desk and chair let me know because I need to get them outta here!