Sunday, January 12, 2014

1,688 Days

That would be the number of days since I last wrote in this blog. Since then I've turned 30 (and then some), become and aunt again,  traveled abroad, moved twice (three times?), and picked up a squatter in my house. Those are the most significant things that have happened at least.

30. 31. Two more months and I hit 32. Time is marching on, but I'm feeling good about it. 30 wasn't scary and was probably my best birthday yet. I spent three days doing exactly what I wanted (sight-seeing in SF) with all (well almost all) of my favorite people.

Conservatory of Flowers
Out on the town
Best Friends
Golden Gate Fields
It's been a little over a year now that I've been an aunt x2. I had the pleasure of being the third person to hold Andrew after he was born and of course I was instantly in love with his squishy little face. He has since moved with the rest of his family (ie. my brother's family) to Mississippi and I miss him and his big brother Nick very much [and well, i guess my brother an sister-in-law too ;)].

Proud Aunt
Family Time
Big guy!
Camo in Mississippi
In October of last year I went on my first trip abroad to Peru. I spent two weeks traveling through a chunk of the southern portion of the country with my very good friend Alison and we had a blast. We saw Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon, Puno, and Lake Titicaca. We moved around about every two days, which was exhausting, but it was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. The highlight was definitely Machu Picchu, but my favorite town was Ollantaytambo by far. It was small and quiet and we had a great hostel and even found a favorite restaurant that we visited at least 5 times.
Machu Picchu!
Tired travelers
Colca Canyon

Moving wasn't really anything significant. I seem to have done it annually since I left home. But I've been settled in my little apartment for almost two years now. It's a pretty nice place for this price in Monterey, but I'm definitely itching for a second room and a bigger kitchen. Maybe someday after the squatter and I save a little money we will move to a bigger place.

And by squatter, I of course mean boyfriend who just won't seem to leave. And by just won't seem to leave, I mean I've never asked him to leave and have actually done the opposite and asked him to move in officially. That should be happening in the next month or so, just as soon as we get the lease details figured out. It's a big step for both of us, but we're both very excited! Because we are of course madly, disgustingly in love. I will spare you the gushing I could do about how wonderful he is and just say that I am a damn lucky girl to have such a great guy.

Fall fun
Meant to be together
Our First Christmas
So this being the beginning of 2014 I'm looking to the future and making resolutions I suppose. The first would be getting my finances under control and getting some of my debt paid off. The second is  Boyfriend and I are getting back on a healthy track with eating and exercising after a month or so of indulgence. We've both set goals and are developing plans for achieving them. I know it's going to be a struggle for me as always, especially with the recent knee problems I've been having, but I know the support we'll give one another will make it a little bit easier. Awww! I'm also hoping to do a bit more traveling this year, even if I don't get far. I think the "family" Burney Falls camping trip is on again this fall and Boyfriend and I are hoping to make it up to Tahoe this winter/spring and Michigan in June.

And who knows, maybe I'll even blog again before another 1,688 days have passed....