Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it really January?

It is freakish weather in California right now! As most of the county is bundled up for below freezing weather, it's been t-shirt and shorts weather here for over a week . Even in Monterey! During the summer we never had more than two days of nice weather, but we've had 7 days in a row of over 75° and even longer over 65° this month! It's supposed to start raining Wednesday off and on for the next week and we so badly need the rain, but I'm going to miss this because it's been amazing!

Yesterday Mae and I went on and adventure up to Santa Cruz with our cameras. No plans except to hit the beach at some point. I'm pretty sure everyone else in the area had the same idea, because it was BUSY! You could tell it wasn't the normal obnoxious tourist crowd though; just all the locals getting out and making the most of the day. We headed up past the Boardwalk towards the cliffs and found cute dogs being walked everywhere, a surf competition, amazing views of the coastline, and of course Santa Cruz's plethora of colorful people. Here's some of the pics!

Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse (with the Santa Cruz Surf Museum inside)
Watching the competition
Surfing and sailing
Surf Competition
Hula-hooping Hippies
What is that rabbit doing on his head? I'm not sure, his song didn't tell us...
Pink beetle
One of the houses I want to live in
Waiting for the sunset
Perfect day
Just past sunset
Mae contemplating her next shot

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~Beth D. said...

you take amazing pictures! Rob and I are thinking about you.